$15 million in LOST Opportunity. Don’t make this Mistake!

Bitcoin is the most subversive technology on the planet.

This is a decentralised system that is growing around the entire world. Governments no matter how many guns they draw cannot change a mathematical problem. They can point there guns at two plus two however its always going to equal four.

No matter how much they try to control people with regulation – technology and innovation will always out pace them.

We are entering a period of “financial renaissance” and Bitcoin and Blockchain technology has the ability to give control back to the people… back to you.

Regulations cannot keep pace with the pace of Innovation.

Bitcoin is currently the largest social and economic innovation every conducted in the history of the world. We are seeing the democratisation of technology which is a positive thing for all of humanity.

Through cryptography and the development of Blockchain technology, crypto-currency and Bitcoin – an everyday person I.e. YOU, now have the ability to place the power of decentralised banking in the palm of your hand with a mobile device.

This innovation and opportunity can’t be ignored.

The Internet is not going away and the Bitcoin algorithm cannot be stopped or controlled – it is an open source code that is creating the largest person-to-person decentralised platform of trust unlike anything that has existed throughout the history of mankind.

Bitcoin is also a deflationary Internet Currency (it is being called GOLD 2.0) because it is limited in supply with the algorithm and digital mining of the currency ending in 2140 (one hundred and twenty three years from now).

Anything that is precious and limited in supply usually always RISES IN VALUE.

So this is the question you need to answer …

Q/. Are you going to educate yourself in Bitcoin and take advantage of this opportunity OR are you going to ignore it and do nothing and miss this next transfer of wealth.

Think about this for a moment …


True story ….

I first got started as an Online Entrepreneur in 2009. I went full-time leaving my finance business behind (at the time we had almost $1bn dollars of lending-assets on our book… our companies residual income was around $126k per month).

In 2010 when I first heard about Bitcoin it was trading at around $0.07 cents.

If I had of invested just $1,000 into Bitcoins in 2010 at $0.07 cents per coin, that would equal = 14,285 Bitcoins

Fast forward to 2017 Bitcoins value is fluctuating around $1,000 usd, per Bitcoin… in fact at the time of writing this post it hit a today high of $1,041.35

That would now be worth around $14,870,685 usd. just from that $1,000 investment.

READ that again – its almost 15 Million Dollars!

That’s the type of scenario that traders would throw themselves out the window for… Talk about the “one that got away”.

Well NOT THIS TIME… the opportunity is RIGHT NOW.

Bitcoins are predicted by some financial analysts to go up to $10,000 per coin. I’m not an expert (YET) but this is what some experts are saying (there are even some touting $10’s thousands of dollars per Bitcoin in years to come).

So what’s my game plan here with Coinfiniti?

It’s simple…

Teach people about crypto-currency – Bitcoin and show them how to acquire Bitcoins and hold them to create a brighter financial future. Our referral marketing system will teach you how to earn 1 x full Bitcoin for being part of this freedom movement and helping others do the same.

Make money, make that money make more money and so on!

We’ve developed a marketing system, education platform and community of like-minded Sovereign Entrepreneurs that see Bitcoin as the global digital currency that align with the ‘freedom-ideals’ of the digital lifestyle movement.

Building an automated income online is a dream come true. Being able to compound that income just makes savvy business sense. It’s time to start educating yourself on Bitcoin. It is definitely Internet Currency NOW and of our future.

BE the change you want to see in the world.

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  • Lee Poniris

    February 27, 2017

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