9 Mindset Changes Critical to Your Business Success

Nothing stands still in business. As the marketplace is constantly evolving, so you need to equally be evolving your own mindset. Reluctance to adapt in the contemporary world will almost inevitably lead to failure.

You are in charge of your own destiny, and over the success that you will experience. This can be a liberating process, but also a weight that bears down on you.

So here are nine mindset changes that are critical to business success.

1. Take Personal Responsibility

Setting priorities is important for any entrepreneur, as is taking personal responsibility. You should hold people who work for you accountable. Blaming other people for your mistakes is the height of counter-productive behavior. Don’t pass the buck. This is your business and your behavior will primarily decide whether or not it is successful.

2. Education, Education, Education

Not standing still and evolving is about educating yourself on a constant basis. Employees are frequently told that they need to develop personally, so you should set an example in this department. Educating yourself in every aspect of business can help you keep on top of the decision-making process.

3. Mastering Implementation

You cannot let the grass grow under your feet in business. This is an incredibly fast moving world, and one that you need to adapt to rapidly. Being a successful entrepreneur means taking decisive action and doing so rapidly and frequently. Develop a plan for every day, and always keep specific goals in mind. You have to have a dynamic mentality in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

4. Don’t Forget the Big Picture

Every competent entrepreneur focuses on details. But every successful entrepreneur understands that the bigger picture is more important. It is all too easy to become bogged down in the minutiae of everyday work. It is impossible for you to deal with every single aspect of the business, so become skilled at delegation. Spend time on the big things and the little things will look after themselves.

5. Remember Outcomes

Your business will ultimately be defined by outcomes, not the tasks that lead to them. It’s easy as an employee to focus narrowly on your particular role, but as an entrepreneur you need to be constantly aware of what you’re trying to achieve. Doing something is pointless if it doesn’t get you closer to your ultimate goal. So always keep this in mind.

6. Progress not Security

It is easy to get into a secure mindset in business when you understand the work that you are doing. The familiar can be a comfort blanket. But you should be aiming for progress not security. Embracing change is absolutely essential to success. Entrepreneurs must not only accept change, but actively seek it in order to take advantage of new opportunities and shape the businesses appropriately for the future.

7. Step outside Your Comfort Zone

We all have a comfort zone. And most of us like to stay within it. But as an entrepreneur you do not have this luxury. There is no place to hide as a business owner, and making a success of being an entrepreneur means challenging yourself. You have to be willing to take on any role required in order for your business to be successful. This can mean pushing yourself beyond what you are accustomed to. But this can lead to real personal growth and excellence.

8. You Can’t Please All of the People

No-one likes to let people down and no-one likes to get negative feedback. It is always tempting in any walk of life to try to please everyone and avoid conflict. But this is disastrous for entrepreneurs. Sometimes you have to let people down, and the sooner that you become accustomed to this, the better it will be for your business in the long-term.

9. Be Competitive

Business is ultimately about winning. You don’t need to grind your rivals into the dust, but you do need to outperform as many people and businesses as possible. Set yourself high standards, and never settle for second best. But by the same token, don’t measure your performance against others. The race is with yourself. But you will be cheating yourself if you don’t demand excellence.

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Hello, my name is D. Scott Lofthouse, a 29 year Law Enforcement veteran and a 24 year Military veteran turned Entrepreneur, Marketer, Writer, Author, Coach and Mentor. I’m just an ordinary middle age white guy who is follicley challenged (bald), vertically average, horizontally gifted (overweight) and gravity enhanced who found that I was not prepared financially for retirement so I needed to find an alternative source of income. I found the answer to my situation and I want to share with you the system and education that has helped me to change my life.

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