Writing Content for People vs. Search Engines

One question that you probably ask yourself is this: Is it better to write content for people or write content for search engines?You already know the correct answer to this question. However, writing content for search engines and writing content for people doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. One blog post entitled, “Top 10 Funny…

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How a Simple Question Can Get You More Leads, More Clients, and More Money

When you are engaged in sales, you probably know that the key to success in such field lies in giving people what they want—so what you do is give the products and services that would ease their fears, solve their problems, and help fulfill their dreams. Of course this is possible if  you get them…

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Your X-Factor: Building a Personal Brand

Have you ever heard or watched the X-Factor or American Idol? Have you noticed how many times Simon Cowell fussed over a contestant simply because he doesn’t know where to “fit” them? It has been the music-mogul’s signature to give them that daunting stare, “You know … I’m having difficulty putting you in a category.…

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Branding: Stop Trying to Be All Things to All People

Did you know that the most successful businesses in the world aren’t necessarily the largest or “the best” ones? They’re the ones that a large enough population number of the public associates with a specific idea when they hear the brand. That idea is taken from the recognition of their product, service, or area of…

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Save Time! 6 Ways to Spend Less of It on Social Media

Using social media is an advantage but at the same time, it is a chore! Because, let’s face it, what kind of business owner wants to spend hours in front of a computer screen replying to tweets and Facebook posts? Is there even one? We know that you’d rather be spending that time working on…

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How to Create Facebook Posts That Gets Shared

Social media has now become an avenue for sharing posts or news and for some people, a bridge to reaching popularity. You probably noticed that some people had made it a point to post something on social media in hopes that it will reach a large audience, right? How’s that working out for you so…

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