Are Your Goals Holding You Back? Learn to Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals to Achieve Success

You already know the importance of setting goals for your company, and you probably have quite a few penned down to accomplish this year. You might have another list of objectives at the beginning of last year and the year before, too. But how many targets do you accomplish each time the year ends? Many…

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Time vs money analogy

I wanted to share with you a really interesting analogy about TIME. Time is our most precious commodity. Every successful business, every product, has an element of reducing the length of how long something takes, or making time more enjoyable. People value their time, so they pay money for having that time well spent or…

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Blue Host Domain Hosting Services

To simplify between domain hosting services and web hosting: A domain name, is like the address of your home; web hosting on the other hand, is the space of your house where you place your furniture. However, most domain hosting servers nowadays also provide for web hosting services as some sort of package services. A…

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