Should a Startup Buy a Great Domain Name Worth $500,000?

$500,000 is a big amount of money, and it could be one-half your available capital.  The fact that you have this question in mind implies a certain amount of inexperience, and failure is reasonably possible if your main concern is on where to spend money. An experience with two domain transactions which were both distressing…

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How Much Will You Need to Start Your Business?

Shifting from employee to business owner requires an ample amount of planning to make the change successful. More than figuring out whether you’re prepared to start a new venture by yourself, and that your future business’s “big idea” is indeed feasible – there’s that crucial question of how much you’d need to get started. Depending…

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The REAL Truth Behind the HTAM Method

HTAM – Marketplace Overview Top Tier or High Ticket is an inside Industry terminology that refers to any Product or Program typically over $1,997 usd as a entry level price point. The multi-tiered product mix, that usually accompany Biz Op’s referred to as Top Tier (or HTAM) usually ascend in value around these price points;…

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