The Power of Broke

“The Power of Broke” is a title of a book by Daymond John, one of the Sharks on Shark Tank in the US. I wanted to write about it that conceptand share a personal story on how I apply this concept, and how you can too. This concept has helped me increase my bottom line.…

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Starting Your Business: You Will Never Be ‘Ready,’ So Just Start

You want to have your own business but you haven’t made it happen yet. There’s always something else to learn, another book to read, another seminar or course to attend, right? Wrong. Just start. You’ve already got what it takes. “Do I,” you’re asking? Yes. The very simple (and sometimes very difficult) truth is that…

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Online Business – Changing Lives

Changing Lives with an Online Business What are you grateful for today? … I’m super grateful for creating the opportunity I have for playing a role in ‘CHANGING LIVES’. How you may be wondering? If just one person I Coach learns some new skills to take advantage of the Internet, start a Business Online, has…

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the online alliance

the Vast Majority of Affiliate Marketers MAKE NO MONEY Online!

Affiliate Marketing is NOT all its cracked up to be UNLESS you have the RIGHT elements in place. Did you know… … the vast majority of Affiliate Marketers MAKE NO MONEY. This Video reveals what you can do about that … Click Here to Join the Online Alliance today!

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Blue Host Domain Hosting Services

To simplify between domain hosting services and web hosting: A domain name, is like the address of your home; web hosting on the other hand, is the space of your house where you place your furniture. However, most domain hosting servers nowadays also provide for web hosting services as some sort of package services. A…

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How to Host Your First Webinar

Most small business owners are internet marketers who invest massively in advertising, so one of the common topics is which marketing channels are the most lucrative. It’s a trendy topic because advertising costs rise incredibly fast. Despite our ability to plan our purchases and track our ads’ efficiency which was not that possible in the…

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4 Keys to A Compelling Mission Statement

‘Strategy making’ can impact the positive directions for companies and people by asking them to state where they want to go. When done properly, a good mission statement aligns all areas of an organization toward a single-minded purpose. But when done poorly, mission statements can just as equally alienate people. Here are some ideas reflected…

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The REAL Truth Behind the HTAM Method

HTAM – Marketplace Overview Top Tier or High Ticket is an inside Industry terminology that refers to any Product or Program typically over $1,997 usd as a entry level price point. The multi-tiered product mix, that usually accompany Biz Op’s referred to as Top Tier (or HTAM) usually ascend in value around these price points;…

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