Create My Own Product vs. Sell Someone Else’s

For those people who are new to the world of Internet marketing, one of the most important questions that needs to be addressed is whether to create and market a product of your own or become an affiliate for someone else and sell their product. If you are seeking the shortest route to your first online sales commission, the answer is just simple.

Life on Mars

Of course, we all know that Earth is the only pretty good place to live in. We have air to breath, days and nights, four seasons (in some places), and every kind of climate, from arctic zones to tropical ones.

However, it is understandable that some people desire to explore life elsewhere. But when you consider what it takes to reach a place like Mars and what you would have to do to make it habitable to human life, you need to consider a few details …

First, you would have to be able to travel at more than 25,000 miles per hour (40,000+ km/h) to break free of Earth’s gravity. Once you’re drifting along in the outer space, you would need to have oxygen and a pressurized environment from which to breath in.

See how one simple idea of exploring life elsewhere starts to get complicated … and expensive?

Finally, imagine that you landed on Mars. Your first concern is that Mars has less than 1% of the atmosphere of Earth—so there is nothing to protect you from the sun’s radiation. You can’t even grow food there with no oxygen and with only traces of water. Eventually, you would have to figure out how to do everything, under completely different atmospheric conditions, with a very high degree of risk.

No matter how much we admit that Earth may have its problems, it still has air, water, and food. In most places, it has existing infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, housing, electricity, water, and sanitation systems. If you like to live, you would just be making things really hard on yourself by seeking out a different planet to build it all on. Why seek life somewhere else when you can live pretty well right here, right now on Earth?

Creating Your Own Product

Now let’s relate our earlier example to creating your own product. You may have an idea for a viable, high-quality information product. Plus, you may also even have the ability to produce it and make it happen. Even with such assets, you might not even be a quarter of the way to your first sale.

I am not saying this to discourage you. If you’ve got a great idea and can definitely produce it, I give you my hundred percent support … but not as your opening move into the world of Internet marketing.

Keep in mind that creating a product does not equal sales. For most people, once the technology and the learning curve that stands between the creation of their first product and their first sale is staggering, they will find discouragement. In order to market and sell the product you’ve created, you will need to be able to do (or afford to pay someone else to do) some or all of the following:

Copywriting: this is probably the persuasive writing that you will need in each part of your sales funnel (you will also need to know what a sales funnel is).

  • How to build a sales funnel
  • How to optimize your funnel for highest conversion
  • Automated fulfillment
  • Creation of additional products
  • Webinars and public speaking

Acquiring these skills will definitely take some time. For example, if you’re currently working at a job and pursuing Internet marketing in your spare time, it could take up to a year to learn about all these things and get good enough at them to get by—and you won’t make so much as a penny while you’re learning.

Strictly speaking, many people discover too late how daunting this approach is. It’s a perfect example of moving to Mars and trying to set up a home from scratch in an environment that’s not even conducive to human life.

Being an Affiliate for Someone Else’s Product

You significantly shorten the road to your first online commission by becoming an affiliate for a high-converting offer and then driving as much paid traffic to it as you can.

Where do you find the high-converting offers? The easiest way is to look on an affiliate marketplace, such as Commission Junction, ClickSure, or ClickBank. These are sites where product creators post and sell their information products. You can become an affiliate marketer for products you find on these sites.

Take note that when you have the knowledge that the product is selling a lot, all you’ve got to do is drive your own paid traffic to it. A percentage of your traffic will buy the product and you will earn commissions. Now, notice that I said “paid traffic.” This is the only way to go because it gives you an immediate response. In a more direct way of stating facts, learning and perfecting the skills necessary for effective free advertising means that it isn’t really free at all—it costs you a lot of time.

So if you are someone who is new to Internet marketing, being an affiliate for someone else’s offer can be the shortest road to your first commission—How shorter? A much shorter road than making and marketing your own product.

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