Your performance is always equal to your Self Image. This next question is an important one in the context of BE, DO, HAVE.

Is your Self Image holding you back?

How do you achieve your deepest desires? You need to BE the person, who would DO the things, to HAVE what that person has.



3/ DO, HAVE, BE or

4/ BE, DO, HAVE.

Let me give you an example…. many people blame their current circumstance on ‘external factors’ (like other people, the economy, lack of time or money, the weather, lack of education, lack of skills etc etc….)

Their BELIEF or STATE is primarily either 1, 2 or 3 above (not 4)…. let me explain. Does this sound familiar. Can you recall a time (or is it your current belief?) that you thought like this;

If only I could HAVE that new house, I would DO more entertaining and I would BE more popular.

If only I could HAVE that new house, I’d BE more popular and I would DO more entertaining.

For me to DO more entertaining, I need to HAVE that new house and I would BE more popular.

Answer honestly, what are you MOST right now in your life? (Select 1, 2, 3 or 4 above).

Now that we have an honest answer we need to show you a way to re-define your current self-image and habits and attitudes to create a new self-image that supports the attainment of the goals you desire.

Mental Management and the Directive Affirmation Technique

What is Mental Management? It is a system to control the mental aspects of your performance. And it’s your performance under pressure that determines if you win in business (and in life).

The difference between champions and those that fall short of the mark and those who never achieve their goals or peak performance is the mindset. Champions are confident and in control. Champions have developed habits and attitudes of a winner and that is encoded in their ‘Self Image‘.

And guess what…, that mental management system can be learned and it is possible to redefine your self-image in as little as 21 Days.

Why Winners Win

FACT – 95% of all winning is done by 5% of all competitors. What makes the 5% different? There is only one thing that separates the winners and that is ‘the way they think’.

Winners know they will finish first… the others hope to finish first.

So if the seeds of greatness vest in all of us the only change that needs to be made is a mental one – how we think! Winners say, “I’m going to do it” or “I’m going to win today”… simply put if you don’t expect to win you have no chance in winning.

The expectation of winning comes from an internal feeling the champion has concerning his performance. He is in harmony with the idea that his expectation and his performance will be equal.

Performance is 90% mental. To control performance in competition you need a system… you need a ‘mental management system.

“Mental Management is the process of maximising the probability of having a consistent mental performance, under pressure, on demand…”
– Lanny Bassham, Author.

When you compete really well you are balanced and in harmony with your efforts. This occurs in three mental components; the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind and the Self Image.

The Mental Management System

The mental management system focuses on integrating these components;

The Conscious Mind – this is the source of your mental pictures… it is the images that you hold in your mind.

The Subconscious Mind – this is the source of your skills and power. We develop skill through repetition of conscious thought until it becomes automatically performed by the Subconscious Mind.

The Self Image – it makes you act like you. It is the sum total of your habits and your attitudes. Your performance and your Self-Image are always equal.

Principles of Mental Management

These principals govern how the mind works. Success is not an accident. Success follows a set course, and these principals are the path;

Principal 1 – Your mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time. If you are picturing something positive in your mind, it is impossible, at the same time to picture something negative. Why is this important? Because it is impossible to picture winning and losing at the same time… So the choice is yours! “I take control of what I picture, choosing to think about what I want to create in my life…”

Principal 2 – What you say is not important. What you cause yourself or others to picture is crucial. This is the fundamental principle of successful communication. “I always give myself commands in a positive way. I remind myself that what others are picturing, as a result of hearing me speak, is crucial to proper understanding..”

Principal 3 – The Subconscious Mind is the source of all mental power. All of us has within us the power to achieve anything we desire. The reality is most people only use 5% of the power available to them because few people are willing to put in the effort and gain the knowledge to rise up to their full potential. “I am so well trained that all of my performance is Subconsciously done. I trust my subconscious to guide my performance in competition..”

Principal 4 – The subconscious moves you to do whatever the Conscious Mind is picturing. Being positive is our only hope. Positive demands positive results from your Subconscious. “I realise that my Subconscious power is moving me to perform what I am Consciously picturing. I control what I picture and picture only what I want to see happen..”

Principal 5 – Self Image and performance are always equal. To change your performance, you must first change your Self Image. The self-image, made up of your habits and attitudes, makes you “act like you”. Your self-image directs your behaviour. The boundaries of your comfort zone are defined by your self-image. If your purpose and true destiny exist outside your comfort zone then to reach that higher purpose means redefining your Self Image. Until this breakthrough is realised nothing significant will change in your life. “I am aware that my performance and Self-Image are equal. I am eager to change my habits and attitudes to increase my performance..”

Principal 6 – You can replace the Self-Image you have with the Self-Image you want, thereby permanently changing performance. “NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE UNLESS YOU CHANGE YOURSELF FIRST…” “I am responsible for changing my Self-Image. I choose the habits and attitudes I want and cause my Self-Image to change accordingly..”

Principal 7 – The principle of balance. When the Conscious, Subconscious and Self-Image are all balanced and working together, good performance is easy. “I cause my Conscious, Subconscious and Self-Image to move forward being in balance, thereby increasing my performance without frustration..”

Principal 8 – The principal of Reinforcement. The more we think about, talk about, and write about something happening, we improve the probability of that thing happening! “I choose to think about, talk about and write about what I wish to have happened in my life..”

Principal 9 – The Self-Image cannot tell the difference between what actually happens and what is vividly imagined. Mental Rehearsal when used properly to reinforce good habits and a winning attitude, can greatly improve your chances of success. Rehearsal is the most often used mental tool because it is logical, easy to use, convenient, inexpensive, and most important because it works.

Goal Setting

There is only one habit that separates the top 5% of all competitors who win from the others – and that is Setting Goals! Follow this simple goal setting system;

1/ Decide exactly what you want

2/ Decide when you want it

3/ List the pay-value List all the reasons, feelings and emotion.

4/ Determine the obstacles in your way What habits and attitudes must you change

5/ Outline your plan to achieve your goal

6/ Ask some important questions Do I believe in my plan Can I work my plan Is the prize worth the price

7/ Schedule your plan for action

8/ Start Now

9/ Never Reach your goal without setting another higher goal

10/ Never Quit

Below I will show you a practical way to set goals and integrate them into a Mental Management system

Redefining Your Self Image

The Self-Image is the sum of your habits and attitudes. Your habits determine how you act. Changing your Self-Image is the most powerful skill you will ever learn. When the Self-Image changes performance changes and so do your results.

There are four important tasks;

1. You must be willing to undergo change and move beyond your comfort zone

2. You must identify the habits and attitudes that you need to change

3. You must set up a new Self-Image that is in direct conflict with the old one

4. You must adopt the new Self-Image “NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE UNLESS YOU CHANGE…”

The fastest (and safest) way to change your Self-Image is with the ‘Directive Affirmation Technique’.

The Directive Affirmation Technique

The Directive Affirmation is a paragraph written in the first person present tense that describes a person’s goal, pay value of the goal, plan to reach the goal and habits and attitudes affecting the goal. It is rehearsed repetitively, causing the Self-Image to change.

These are the steps;

1. Define the goal

2. Set a time limit to achieve the goal

3. List the personal pay value of reaching the goal

4. Outline the plan to achieve the goal

5. Write a Directive Affirmation in the first person present tense… begin with the words – ” I AM “

6. Make 5 Copies (at least) of the Directive Affirmation in your own handwriting on 100mm x 150mm cards

7. Place the cards in five prominent places (these are called ‘key points’)

8. Each time you come to a Key Point READ and VISUALISE your Directive Affirmation with feeling and emotion.

9. Run this Directive Affirmation for 21 Days, then rest for 9 Days and repeat IF necessary (with or without modifications if necessary) OR replace it with a totally new Directive Affirmation

As your Self-Image changes, you will become that person described in the Directive Affirmation. Your performance now will Subconsciously improve permanently.

There are only two possible outcomes with this technique:

1. You WILL become the person you want to be

2. You will quit and continue to get the same results of the past… it is that simple.

The Mental Management System. ‘With Winning In Mind’ by Lanny Bassham. Additional information can be found at


Here is an example of a Directive Affirmation and the implementation steps for the mental management goal setting system.

“Never Lose Sight of Your Dreams, be a 5%er and Dream Big…”

Follow this format when writing your Directive Affirmation – BE, DO, HAVE.

BE… I AM so happy and grateful now that I AM …… (Insert your state of being/goal) ……

DO… It is LIKE ME to …… (Insert your actions/adjectives here) …….

HAVE… As a result, I HAVE and ENJOY ……. (insert your goals/benefits here

Here is a Directive Affirmation example (this is mine so don’t copy it)

Step 1 – Define the Goal. • I am a top Income Earner in the Direct Sales Industry consistently making over $100k per month

Step 2 – Set the Time limit. • By 1st January 2015

Step 3 – List the personal pay value of reaching your goal • I am financially independent. • I am present in my children’s life. • I enjoy the time freedom to educate and influence my children through life experiences travelling the world. • Our family home is a sanctuary for living, loving, learning and leaving a legacy. • I enjoy the recognition of being one of the peak performers in my Industry and company. • I experience the greatest joy when helping other people achieve their full potential. • I have time freedom for self and to pursue my passion for skiing the world on my terms.

Step 4 – Outline the Plan to Achieve the Goal. • I have implemented and live by success principals. • I take massive action in my marketing my business every day • I have allocated an appropriate budget to grow my business to achieve my financial goals. • I have a workable ‘Daily Method of Operation’ and I work my plan. • I monitor my Key Performance Indicators each week, review monthly and re-plan quarterly • I am positioned at Platinum, attend every conference and leverage all income opportunities • I give back to my community by always acting with Integrity and contributing freely • I exercise and work on my mental management system daily • I READ and VISUALISE my Directive Affirmation daily

Step 5 – Write a Directive Affirmation for your new business

Example 26th February 2014

I AM so happy and grateful that I AM serving on the coaching team and I AM a peak performer and top income earner in the Direct Sales Industry.

It is like me to meditate daily and visualise my goals being achieved. It is like me to have the mindset and habits of a peak performer because I am a daily student of personal and professional development working on my mental management system.

It is like me to have an abundance of leads and people joining my team because I take massive action everyday marketing my business. It is like me to follow the system of success and generate $100k month in income. It is like me to mastermind with leaders in the Industry and to collaborate and pay forward value to others.

It is like me to be consistent and persistent in my actions, playing full out and being the leader that expects and achieves results. It is like me to exercise my body, mind and soul daily to maintain peak performance. It is like me to read and visualise my directive affirmation daily.

“As a result, I have and enjoy financial independence and time freedom to be present in my children’s lives. I love the sanctuary of our family homes and feel blessed to accommodate my family through all stages of their life. I enjoy the freedom to educate and influence my children with world travel so they grow up with broad cultural experiences. I enjoy serving other people and helping them live with purpose and passion.”

I enjoy the recognition as a peak performer and top income earner in the Direct Sales Industry. I AM so happy and grateful that I AM serving on the coaching team and being a Peak Performer and Top Income Earner in the Direct Sales Industry.

“I AM Wealth, I am Abundance, I am Joy, I am Infinite Possibilities,
there is nothing, I cannot Be, Do or Have …”

Note, the 3rd last paragraph above for me is my WHY.

Here it is again so you can see how powerful this one Affirmation becomes:

“As a result, I have and enjoy financial independence and time freedom to be present in my children’s lives. I love the sanctuary of our family homes and feel blessed to accommodate my family through all stages of their life. I enjoy the freedom to educate and influence my children with world travel so they grow up with broad cultural experiences. I enjoy serving other people and helping them live with purpose and passion.”

What is your Why? It needs to be infused with purpose, passion and raw human emotion to speed up the manifestation process brought forth by your inspired actions.

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