How to Host Your First Webinar

Most small business owners are internet marketers who invest massively in advertising, so one of the common topics is which marketing channels are the most lucrative.

It’s a trendy topic because advertising costs rise incredibly fast. Despite our ability to plan our purchases and track our ads’ efficiency which was not that possible in the past, as business owners, we always desire to invest our marketing money where it will be most beneficial.

Among the different marketing methods available, one of the most effective we’ve found is webinars.

The surprising thing is that most of the business owners nowadays have never done a webinar before. When asked why not, they mention things like, “I don’t feel like I’m ready yet,” or “I’m afraid of public speaking,” or “I’ve never set up a webinar before and it seems way too technical.”

Why Webinars?

For any business owner, webinars shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable with. If you weigh it in, webinars—when done correctly—are a perfect vehicle for marketing. You’re drawing attention from people who, at some level, are interested in what you have to share, or they wouldn’t go out of their way turning up.

Because of how technology works, attendees also feel as though they’re at a “safe distance” from the salesperson. No eye contact is necessary and they can leave the webinar at any time. It is safe to say then that the people who are present to listen to what you have to say are within their comfort zones—a very crucial factor when you’re trying to sell a product or service.

Webinars are an exceptional means to share information, connect with your audience and make impressive content that you can later turn around and circulate across various other marketing channels.

This marketing method also provides enormous flexibility. You could provide product demonstrations, offer free tips and tricks, organize interviews with experts, broadcast in-person events, and present customer case studies—if you can imagine it, you can probably make a webinar on these.

Yet surprisingly, only few of the small business owners nowadays employs this business-building tool.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

People may feel hesitant, of course. When we are starting out, the idea of doing a webinar would feel outside our comfort zone. But we have to realize why we aren’t making any money in our business is because we are too comfortable.

We avoid doing the things that would lead to making money because they compel us to put ourselves in a situation simply outside our comfort zones.

Challenging ourselves into doing something we aren’t too comfortable with must be necessary. The pain of having no progress would dominate the fear of taking action.

Go to a helpful website like and sign up for a free trial. Follow the simple steps to create your first registration page. Then, set out on promoting the webinar on Facebook, and to your email list where a few people registered.

Attending your very first webinar may make you feel completely unprepared and perturbed – but the most important thing is you have delivered it. It’s already an accomplishment.

Unfortunately, there’s a possibility of not making a single sale, but don’t get frustrated.

The experience will make you realize that you could do webinars. So the following week you do another, and then another and another after that.

Eventually, as soon as you get your very first sale, it will motivate you further. This would be a huge pivotal moment for you. You will soon recognize that you’ll be more confident in doing webinars.

So, the challenge for you—if you haven’t done any webinar yet—is to take action today. In a matter of a few hours, you can do all the things necessary to host your first webinar.

Now, like any other starters out there, you may not make a sale immediately, but that’s not what matters the most. What’s important is going out of your comfort zone and realizing the significance of taking action. If you commit to doing this regularly, you’ll be making a big difference to your business.

The main point is that while you feel too comfortable in your business, you’re not going to move forward. So try to get uncomfortable. Push yourself towards doing the things you don’t initially want to do but obviously will help you advance.

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