How to Create Facebook Posts That Gets Shared

Social media has now become an avenue for sharing posts or news and for some people, a bridge to reaching popularity. You probably noticed that some people had made it a point to post something on social media in hopes that it will reach a large audience, right? How’s that working out for you so far?

In most cases of startups, Facebook posts become dead content when they don’t gain likes, comments or shares. Which means, nobody is really showing much interest in their messages. The less attention that their content gets, the lesser Facebook is most likely to display it to the news feeds of their target audience.

Think of Facebook’s algorithm on posting as: the more people share a post, the more other people would want to see it. Making a Facebook post go viral is just as easy as that, which is why sharing a content can be considered as an important aspect weighing greater than other audience impact.

To guide you on how to craft your Facebook posts in a way that you will be able to catch your audience’s attention and encourage more shares, here are some tips that you should know:

1. Understand Why Users Share Content

One rule is that you can’t trick people into sharing your content. This is because whatever they share on their walls will reflect on them personally which is why most users choose what they share in order to portray what image of them they want other people to see.

A study by New York Times Consumer Insight Group presented five reasons why people share content online:

  • To entertain and enrich the lives of others: over 90% of people share content to impact the lives of their friends and followers.
  • To define themselves: most people will share content to show their audience what they are interested in, their likes, values and hobbies.
  • Relationship building: when people share what they are currently doing or interested in, it helps them stay connected to their networks and people with similar interests.
  • To be part of something: people share content that makes them feel like they belong to a group or an event relevant to their interests.
  • To promote a cause: some people often share content that makes people know what they believe in such as a stand on contradicting issues or just a thought on a trending topic, be it a non-profit advocacy or their favorite brand.

Every time you create a content for your Facebook page, be sure to ask yourself how it will satisfy, even at least, one of these motivators. Formulate well-informed, articulate content that is useful and could attract users while at the same time making them feel good by sharing it.

2. Evoke Emotions

Posts that usually receive more interaction than any other posts on Facebook are those that capture the emotions of the audience. A study by Fanpage Karma proves this, showing a significant fall in engagement when posts don’t trigger a reaction.

To elicit a response from your audience, you would need to use particular words such as in the case of using the word “boost” will make readers think of their current situation and of those in their networks, and how what you are promoting might help them improve it.

One other thing that may help improve the effectiveness of your posts is the use of emoticons because it conveys meaning in any communication through the use of digital facial expressions. Statistics show that posts with emoticons get shared 33% more than posts without them. Moreover, they also get 57% more shares and 33% more comments.

3. Ask for Shares

People, may it be in taking a career, travelling or just in the everyday life, need direction. Quoting Zig Ziglar, “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.” According to comScore data, people are spending an average of 20 minutes daily on Facebook liking, commenting and scrolling through their timeline. The point is that, they are already online sharing content, so what you just need to do is to direct them to yours.

Indicating that you want your followers to share your content is like a call-to-action telling people what to do. Hubspot conducted a study on the effect of call-to-actions on Facebook posts and found that posts with “share requests” are the ones that get more shares, likes and comments.

You have to be careful not to come off as begging or pushy when you ask for shares. One biggest mistake you could ever make is to manipulate your users’ feelings just so they will share your content, e.g. writing “Share this to spread the message about war” in a post. Doing such would basically make your audience feel guilty if they don’t share it and chances are, they will avoid your page the next time they go online.

4. Pictures Portray Better

Kissmetrics presented that Facebook posts with photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs than those having only texts. This is because people grasp more attention and perception when they are able to see a picture of something and compels them to share what they truly understand.

However, you should use pictures that match your content and satisfy at least one of the motivators mentioned above for sharing. Pictures should not just be a decoration but should hold a unique story about your content. Avoid generic stock pictures that would make it difficult for users to gauge your message.

5. Share Videos

Facebook statistics show that more than 50% of users watch at least one video every day, and 76% of their users say that they discover videos they watch mostly on Facebook. Videos obviously attract crowds on Facebook, so the likelihood of your video getting shared is high.

People most likely prefer sharing videos that inspire, educate or entertain viewers, rather than just sending out continual sales messages. By doing so, it gives them a feeling that it offers something of value that their friends and followers should also benefit from.

The new Facebook’s autoplay function makes videos even more attention grabbing each time they appear in a user’s timeline. This draws in users to watch the video, giving a high chance of shares. All you need to do is to maximize this feature by uploading short, creative videos that will hook people upon seeing the first frame.

Perhaps shares play the largest role in boosting traffic to your Facebook page. They expand your post’s reach beyond your followers, which not only sends your content to more people but also raises their awareness about your page. Remember that  a sky-rocketing 2.46 million posts are shared every minute on Facebook, so be sure to customize your content to catch the users’ interest, stand out,  and inspire people to share it.

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