How to Create a Life Plan & Set your BIG Hairy Audacious Goals

This Hangout put a whole new perspective on Goal Setting looking at a system to create a 10-year, 5-year, 3-year and 1 year Life Plan, including goals and a strategy to achieve them. This will change your perspective on goal setting forever.

Most people spend more time planning dinner & drinks on a Friday night out than they do on how they want to experience their life not as an event but as an ongoing expression of what brings them the most joy and happiness with the people that matter most.

Download the Slide Deck – Life Plan by Drew Innes (in this case it was a doodle sketch pad) and then WATCH the Video below.

Make notes, and above all else let’s start to IMPLEMENT AND FORM THE HABITS.



The Directive Affirmation Technique

The Directive Affirmation is a paragraph written in the first person present tense that describes a person’s goal, the pay value of the goal, plan to reach the goal and habits and attitudes affecting the goal. It is rehearsed repetitively, causing the Self-Image to change.

Redefining Your Self Image

The Self-Image is the sum of your habits and attitudes. Your habits determine how you act. Changing your Self-Image is the most powerful skill you will ever learn. When the Self-Image changes performance changes and so do your results.

CLICK HERE to Learn about this No.1 Life Changing Learned Skill – The Directive Affirmation Technique should be studied along with Life Plan.