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Changing Lives with an Online Business

What are you grateful for today?

… I’m super grateful for creating the opportunity I have for playing a role in ‘CHANGING LIVES’.

How you may be wondering?

If just one person I Coach learns some new skills to take advantage of the Internet, start a Business Online, has some breakthrough in their Thinking, earns some addition side line or full-time Income through Affiliate Marketing… then TODAY is a good day.

What I’ve learned to live with and remain detached from is that only 35 in 100 people (35%) will ever do anything of meaning to take responsibility for their future.

And – only 4 of those 35 people will start to live life on their terms.

Don’t get me wrong here – the other 31 will have created some life long change if they remain committed to their goals and continue with their personal and professional development.

I’m OKAY with that.

Let me share with you HOW I do this GUARANTEED RISK FREE for people that reach out to me.

This is a REPLY to an enquiry I received today from a potential NEW Customer of the Online Alliance



Thanks for your email.

Firstly the only reason you’ve being offered the Online Profits Blueprint (and potentially access to our VIP members area is because your on our mailing list… so somewhere along the way you must have opted in and requested more information).

You can enrol in the Online Profits Blueprint for as little as $7, $44 or $111 dollars. The choice is yours.

At $7 you get our 6 Steps Fundamentals training plus the Online Profits Blueprint including 4 private Coaching calls.

At $44 it includes the above plus our Instant Traffic Blueprint and additional Group Coaching calls.

At $111 it includes the above plus our List Building Intensive and more importantly than the price you qualify for an upgrade to our VIP Academy members area (.. which normally retails for $970 usd.).

This also includes private group coaching, access to our private Facebook group and access to any Study Group we run which are monthly intensive group collaborations that focus on one specific sales and marketing method (these rotate monthly).

VIP Academy members have access to literally thousands of dollars of what we term ‘best of breed’ training products and coaching that covers the following:

> email marketing
> copywriting
> sales training
> sales funnels
> Facebook
> Instagram
> Video Marketing

also included is personal development training on:

> influence
> communication
> wealth consciousness
> and a 12 month life plan & goal setting program

Let me be really frank, direct and honest with you at this point ….

If your looking to;

> get personal group coaching
> improve your communication
> position yourself as a trusted advisor
> reduce overwhelm
> generate more leads
> increase sales conversions
> make more money
> have more fulfilment from your business

This is the ONLY and last membership program you will ever need to enrol in.


So when you ask me what’s in it for YOU… potentially the LIFE CHANGING opportunity you may be seeking and I don’t say that lightly.

… you see the rest is entirely up to you.

I have Coached thousands of people since 2009 in the Online Marketing arena and what I’ve seen is 65% of people NEVER SHOW UP OR COMMIT… they dabble around and wonder why they don’t get results (or worse, they quit).

So if your sick and tired of running around on the Internet jumping from one info-product to the next, or getting overwhelm from the unethical claims of push button systems and profits, and hype regarding large income fast then you can relax at this point.

Online Marketing and making money off the Internet IS COMPLICATED.

The Online Alliance however will simplify it by giving you access to ALL and ONLY what you need step-by-step to build a sustainable long term business.

In closing this email, you asked “how’s it mutually beneficial”…

… here’s the TRUTH… its NOT if you don’t show up and put the work ethic in. Our program is completely RISK FREE to you. You can enrol for $111 and join our VIP program and take, take, take for 30 days and ask for a FULL Refund so at that point there is NO reciprocity (nothing in it for us at all).

However IF you are serious like the 35% of people that do put time, money and real effort into building their business with our coaching, training, support and resources then you’ll be our next success testimonial and that helps us attract more customers who will buy our training programs.

… now that is mutually beneficial (reciprocity)

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