You might have noticed that there are a lot of details to attend to when setting up an online business. You might be afraid of the amount of time and effort it will take to develop an online presence and get your sales funnels up and running.

It does require a fairly strenuous learning curve, but we have a secret that helps our students get online quickly and painlessly. It’s called outsourcing.

There are people offering to take on those tasks that you would find daunting: setting up a website, for example, or coordinating your email marketing with an offer, an autoresponder, and a tracking link.

You might be completely stumped about what to say in your blog. There are people who offer writing services so you don’t have to write each day, every day.

We recommend Need a VA. They provide Virtual Assistants who perform a plethora of services for a very reasonable cost and with the solid computer skills you might not have time to learn. Need a VA was founded by a 10-year veteran of online marketing, and she caters to helping new online entrepreneurs get up and running.

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