Create My Sales Funnel

Are you so new to online marketing that you only just learned what a sales funnel is? If so, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Need A VA has a certified Sales Funnel expert who can not only design your funnel, but do the crucial testing to determine its level of effectiveness. Not all funnels are created equal!

Email Integration

It can be a headache and a challenge to integrate your funnel with a banner ad, a squeeze page, a sales page or offer, a thank you page, an email autoresponder sequence, and testing/tracking software. It might take you years to learn how to do this on your own: years that you could be spending doing the creative part of your business, which is the only thing that creates sales. Fortunately, all this is quite easy to Need a VA’s cheerful and helpful email integration team.

Content Creation

Are you short on time and long on ideas? Most entrepreneurs discover that they have a lot of drive and passion for their business, but fail to have the time to devote to creating their vision. Enter Need a VA: while you give your personal writers the ideas you want to develop, they develop them for you! Need an eBook? Whiteboard video? YouTube edited and uploaded? Their experienced staff can help you create the content that draws in your customers.

Content Repurposing

Don’t waste your time and energy. A video you create can be repurposed many ways: as an audio file for listening on any device; as a transcript turned into an article, report, or blog post; a podcast; or an infographic. Repurposing not only gets your content out to your audience faster, but prospects appreciate receiving information in their own favorite format! This can apply to any content you’re developing or already have developed. You’ll develop more followers, fans, and ultimately, buyers.

Lead Magnet Product Creation

The most important thing you can do for new leads is to impress them with a generous gift that helps them solve their burning problems. There is nothing that demonstrates your expertise, credibility, and good will more than a free gift (or “lead magnet”) that makes people happy to provide you with their contact information in return. Allow Need a VA to help you with this, and save yourself significant time.

General Virtual Assistance

There are many things a Virtual Assistant can do. Start listing every function in your business and office – there is a Virtual Assistant for that. Short of very physical jobs such as babysitting, there is a VA to help. But Need a VA will go the extra mile and treat your business like their own baby, nurturing its growth.

Click Funnels

This software provides a seamless alternative to having your own autoresponder and lead page generator. With this system, you can easily integrate all your revenue-producing marketing software to provide your customers with terrific service and content. And, Need a VA has people who already know how to set it up and manage it.
In short, a Virtual Assistant business like Need a VA is perfectly positioned to help you get exactly the services you need within a quick turnaround time, at a price that will make you smile, and with the expertise that will solve your most tedious problems. Click on the buttons above now to see how a Virtual Assistant can help you!

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