…Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.”



Belief perpetuates ACTION… action is the only know antidote for over coming fear and procrastination!

From this point moving forth we need to create a PERSONAL ACTION LIST that we prioritise and execute DAILY … think of taking small consistent steps daily.

Procrastination 101 – How to Quit putting Your Life on Hold



Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

Watch this whole video to reinforce your realization that what is at stake here is Life Change – your ideal life experience!




Habits 101: How to Create Habits that Can Change Your Life



I’m interested in focusing your attention on the bigger picture of where you are really headed with YOU Inc. and you will come to know that it’s not about selling things on the Internet. It is about changing lives, it’s about building wealth and a legacy for generations to come.

Personal Action List

You must write your Personal Action List for each Book, Video, Step or Assignment I give you. This must be a list of actions that are measurable… for example: have I done that today/ week/month? YES or NO

Newfound knowledge in and of itself unapplied will not create Life Change.

Watch this Video again IF YOU HAVEN’T created a NEW MONEY BLUEPRINT personal action list.




My Inner World Creates my Outer World. My Thoughts lead to Actions which lead to Feelings which lead to Results.

If you DON’T change your Money Blueprint ( relationship with money ) you will NEVER change your personal financial situation.

It is time to get laser focused and ACTION oriented.

4 Stages of Financial Freedom for YOU Inc.

These are the 4 stages of the journey here at MOBE to financial freedom.

  • Getting clear on what you truly want and why the previous habits, beliefs, decisions have not resulted in financial and total freedom to date.
  • Learning more about what it means to truly BE a professional investor. Only ever being satisfied with the maximized return on any investment and only ever using money as a tool. (Workers work for money. Investors have resources (Including money) work FOR them.
  • Gathering all the financial resources you can to determine how much money you can get access to so that you can then put it to work for you so that you do not have to.
  • Evaluating your current net worth position – Evaluating the progress made per annum on both cash flow position and net worth position.
  • Deciding what your ideal life looks like and what is required to achieve the ultimate quality of life.
Stage 2 – SETUP
  • Structuring a WRITTEN life plan. (The business plan is then built around that)
  • Structuring a morning routine to develop personal discipline and self-governance to produce results without a boss or deadlines.
  • Structuring a set of practices to eliminate hesitation and procrastination. Understanding how we have been sabotaging ourselves in the past.
  • Structuring the business for maximized profits while minimizing input and gaining maximum leveraged results.
  • Structuring a 12 week (Yearly Plan) then a monthly (Weekly) plan to ensure the productive activity is the priority and not just being busy.
  • Structuring a marketing plan that will deliver the mathematics of the business plan strategic milestones.
  • Structuring the custom audience targeting and choosing the attractive character
  • Setup the custom follow up campaigns to maximize the conversion of all traffic
  • Setup a marketing budget of both time and money for each month to be consistent with
Stage 3 – LAUNCH
  • Everything structured for a massive first 30 to 90 days to create the story that will be used forever as the marketing hook.
  • Warm market strategy in full effect.
  • Re-targeting and re-marketing to the audience and non-action takers.
Stage 4 – SCALE
  • Once all campaigns are dialled in. Scaling up the best performing and ending the worst performing.
  • JV’s and partnerships for massive targeted growth and leverage.
  • Outsourcing the operational components of the business for a somewhat autopilot operation.