The Practice of Living Purposefully

The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem

The Practice of Living Purposefully is the Pillar number 5

“To live purposefully,” Branden explains, “is to use our powers for the attainment of goals we have selected: the goal of studying, of raising a family, of starting a new business, of solving a scientific problem, of building a vacation home, of sustaining a happy romantic relationship. It is our goals that lead us forward, that call on the exercise of our faculties, that energize our existence.”

So, what are your goals? What deeply inspires you? These aren’t things that you think would impress others, but the visions that deeply resonate with your highest values and ideals.

Branden notes: “People rarely ask themselves, ‘If my goal is to have a successful relationship, what must I do? What actions are needed to create and sustain trust, intimacy, continuing self-disclosure, excitement, growth?’”

First question: What do you want?

Second question: What must you do?

As Branden reminds us: “Purposes unrelated to a plan of action do not get realized. They exist as frustrated yearnings.”

If your wondering what the other 5 Pillars are I have listed them here:

1/ the Practice of living Consciously

2/ the Practice of Self Acceptance

3/ the Practice of Self Responsibility

4/ the Practice of Self Assertiveness

5/ …., well you know! – The Practice of Living Purposefully

6/ the Practice of Personal Integrity

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  • Have you taken some time lately to reflect on your whole purpose in life and what goals you would like to achieve? What have you come here to do? There is no need to be in a mundane job when you have so many talents and qualities you could be using in a very rewarding career, job or business venture. Take time out and reflect on what you are currently doing and what is it that you want to achieve. Drew Innes has presented a very interesting and inspiring video on Nathaniel Brandon’s principles on living a purposeful life. Start to see yourself as the person that you want to be and move forward every single day towards the fulfilment of your goal/s.

  • For a lot of people who want to be inspired , or want to consider a an eye opening purpose in their life , this is an interesting blog post from an awesome mentor and coach , who has put some simple key points across with a simple video, on someone who has also inspired him on success, and all about building your purpose in life, and the value of fulfilment in your life.

    The amazing thing is that anyone can do this and succeed and lie an abundant life and you are in the right place to do so. You have everything you need to succeed if you really want to .

    – Get Clear on what you want
    – Acknowledge there will be obstacles
    – Take action
    – Be IN Integrity
    – Belief, faith, Persistence

    Now ask for help and lets make this happen , what are you waiting for ?

  • Once again I am impacted by the inspirational message this video contains. It brings together random thoughts I have had over the last few weeks into one coherent lesson which needs to be put into action if a Ergon is serious about changing their circumstance.

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