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Rental Properties: Important Things You Should Note When Saving Costs on Maintenance & Repairs

Buying of properties is a real deal, and is not made out of a hobby. The main purpose in doing so is the aim of growing your finances. After all the struggles of growing and turning your business into success, you must never stop, in fact you must work harder in growing your wealth and being smart could get the job done. .

Great return of investment waits on other end of the road, you just have to be knowledgeable on what you are doing, patient on the process and has a great sense of politeness towards it. However, just like any other ventures, the road will not take you there easily; you will encounter certain humps and bumps like maintenance and repairs that are quite expensive.

Knowing how to avoid huge financial blows upon providing maintenance to your rental properties will most likely minimize the cost and maximize personal wealth. After all these ventures is solely intended to grow money rather than losing it.

Know Your Terms

Knowing the basics and commitments before assessing the expenses for the property’s maintenance and repair will be a key. By doing this, it must enable you to manage your rental properties smarter with great end results in your income and budget.


Repair is defined as the process of restoring an asset back to its original or if not closest to its original condition. This could be done by replacing damaged or non-functional parts to make it fully functional anew.

  • Fixing plumbing and electrical wires
  • Repair and replacements of appliances
  • Replacing damaged windows or doors

Bear in mind that introducing replacements in a property by way of improving it still constitutes repair. An example of this is a worn-down window made from jalousie is changed to a new double-hung window.


The process of adding parts to a property in order to raise its materialistic value or by means of prolonging its life is called improvement. This includes;

  • Structural additions
  • Installing a water filtration system
  • Installing a swimming pool
  • Installing insulation
  • Modernizing a kitchen

Considering that you already have the basic background on the differences between repair and improvement, here are some of the things that must be considered before deciding to buy a property investment on whether maintenance and repair would be costly or manageable.

Be Careful with Fixer Uppers

One of the most common practices of investment buyers is buying a cheap property that requires a bunch of work. Underestimating the size of the job in restoring the house that is worthy enough for a rent is a common mistake. This practice will eventually lead in a very costly restoring job that would take plenty of years for a Return of Investment.

It would be advisable to avail the services of a contractor to inspect the property. They are the ones who can broadly examine the property and recommend on the things that should be done. This method is very helpful in avoiding unforeseen maintenance issues that is beneficial in the long run and helps you save money.

There are the so called expensive repair issue which includes but not limited to foundation problems, structural issues and extensive mold. It is better to address these issues first hand because these are the things that are hard to estimate. Another solution is to completely ditch the properties you see with these issues and look for another one.

The property with issues mentioned above is not worth the risk. One important factor in this venture is being smart, especially in choosing perspective real estate assets; one thing should always be considered is always strive on what could bring you more money and not the other way around.

The Older the Home, the More You’ll Spend

While older homes have the impression of having a strong structure and character, they are more likely to be needing restoration due to wear and tear.

One issue that must be considered is the lead-based paint on properties built before the year 1978. You must see to it that the contractor is using lead-based paint in your older property must be duly certified. The government imposes fines up to thousand dollars if the lead-based paint is not properly removed.

If you consider buying an older home you must be prepared to find out what are the rules and restrictions that must be carried out for an older property. Doing some research is vital because it helps you save a lot from legal work and costs that could be very beneficial in the long run.

Know Your Country’s Money Saving Policies

Do not rely heavily on insurance policies because it does not cover also the necessary cost in the restoration process. It does only pay on certain costs, which you have to pay yourself the additional expenses that were not included in the pay-out.

Developing a Tenancy Deposit Scheme wherein you are keeping your tenant’s deposit is a great example in covering the damages brought about by the renters in the property.

Furniture and appliances inside the property are not subject to claim costs when damaged this is because they are not attached to the property. However, you can still charge it through rental income if you are not petitioning for a wear and tear allowance.

But in case you are not availing the wear and tear allowance another way is that you can deduct low cost short life items in the property that requires to be regularly replaced.

 Such items could be:

  • Bed linen
  • Cutlery
  • Cushions

Knowing the policies that protects your rights on the claims regarding damages incurred. You should not miss out even the simplest details to save yourself from unnecessary charges. Knowing and practicing your rights will get the job done for you.

Last Minute Tips

The smartest thing to do in buying a property is by overestimating the possible expenses for repairs and maintenance. By these, you will be able project and allot a good budget plan. You will not be hampered by the never ending financial issues the property brings. Taking into consideration and understanding all the key points mentioned will ensure that finances will be intact and unnecessary loans and handouts could be easily avoided.

Avoid unnecessary risks. Make the needed estimates and budget accordingly. Benchmark quotes from different contractors and choose which gives the best output for the cost. This will help you save money on future repairs and maintenance works.

Happy renting!

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