Lead Page & Sales Funnel Tools

Lead Page & Sales Funnel Tools

Click Funnels and LeadPages both offer monthly no lock in contract options and yearly subscriptions are available for both companies.

Click Funnels (again at the time of writing) offers a 14 Day Trial for all new members to test out their platform, while LeadPages has never (as far as I know) offered a free trial to their members, only 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so they can cancel from within their account at any time and receive a full refund.

Click Funnels uses a direct up-sell to offer you a yearly alternative with 2 months free, along with double the visits, funnels and pages. So similarly to LeadPages offering 20% and 30% off on their accounts when signing up on their Yearly plans, this only appears to Click Funnels member’s once they have made a purchase.

Lead Pages offers their Annual and 2 Year Billing (most recently added) upfront to all their customers while Click Funnels (naturally) uses their funnel through a direct up-sell. I really would like to dissect both of their checkout forms at a later date as if you dive deep into what they have done, why they have designed parts of the pages the way they have, you’ll stand back in awe at the ingenious conversion masters that they are.

LeadPages has a nice clean dashboard, while ClickFunnels uses flat images and icons throughout their platform.

The Editor

This is a very important part in measuring conversion and will play a big role in how widespread the templates are used so they don’t become saturated. Personally, one of the only drawbacks (if you could even call it a drawback) to LeadPages is that they were so good, that now most well known (and even novice) internet marketers are using the platform for Facebook Ads left right and center.

This means that you can recognize a LeadPage (Landing Page) from a mile away and when people (the normal non-internet marketers) start noticing the similarity between all these page designs it’ll be more obvious that people are trying to squeeze a lead out of them. Having said that, I’m confident the crew at LeadPages will be smart enough to adapt and start churning out more high-quality pages more often to give their users more variety.

Where, as you’ll see in the screenshots provided, Click Funnels allows for heavy customization’s to be made to their templates.

The Support

Support is a major concern when working with internet marketing software as a lot of companies fail, outsource or provide a shocking knowledge base and expect everyone to do their own thing.


Click Funnels offers Priority Phone Support to their Enterprise members along with Priority Template Requests. Those two support options are not available to any of the other accounts according to their pricing table in their knowledge-base.

While all other accounts receive regular email support.


As seen on their pricing table, LeadPages customers receive a little more support than ClickFunnels members do.

Regular members receive Only email, Pro Members receiveLive Chat and email, and their Enterprise Members receive email, live chat and phone support.

It’s unclear whether Click Funnels will offer Live Chat support at this time to their customers, but at this stage it looks like LeadPages have made it clear to their members that if you’re someone who may need help you’re better off signing up to their more expensive plans.


So after having a look at only some of the main features of the two platforms, it’s clear that they both have a lot to offer. Both come from reputable and proven internet marketing backgrounds so you can be confident in using both technologies and getting results.

IF you feel you need either of these services, then Click on the Banner below for more information and to establish your service.

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