Recently, we were privileged to be at the inaugural the Online Alliance Digital Lifestyle workshop event at Melia, Bali.

We were in the company of incredible marketers and experts in their respective fields from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram through copyright, email configuration and other optimisation aspects for your online or offline business.

Several key things stood out and one of them was Personal Branding.

We all have a uniqueness, a story and an ability to connect with others and, we believe, it is important to remember that none of us will be everybody’s ’cup of tea’. We will never be liked nor ‘on the same page’ as everyone – and that is fine! Finding your niche is what Personal Branding is all about.

Through your marketing and with the growth of your Personal Brand you will, no doubt, open more to the Law of Attraction and you will start to secure a following of people who are attracted to YOU – your mind, philosophy, thinking, spirit and the offering that you have for them.

The Unstoppable Momma

Rhonda Swan – ‘The Unstoppable Momma’ – Personal Branding is The Key

Rhonda Swan, the Unstoppable Momma, from the Unstoppable Family has taken the mantel of living the Personal Branding Life and here is a short video where she touches on that aspect.

Rhonda’s book ‘Living A L.I.E. (Location Independent Entrepreneur) Lifestyle covers Personal Branding in more depth and she explains that through personal branding, being true to heart, with a voice and vision, she and her family have been living the internet lifestyle for the past eleven years.

What is very clear, from what we have seen of the top Personal Brands, is that the authentic way you operate should be consistent and attempting to be something you are not will become very tiring, for you, as well as being onerous and very quickly transparent to your followers. And that is not to say that you won’t learn, change and adapt as your confidence grows and your skill set develops beyond the current you and, then looking back in a year, five, ten years the ‘You’ Personal Brand of today maybe merely a shadow of the tomorrow one.

We read an article and listened to a well-known business owner who suggested if you are not an all singing all dancing extrovert – fake it until you make it – pretend to be something you are not.

Not sure about you but we’re not fans of that way of thinking. Yes, by all means develop, grow your confidence but keep your authenticity and your integrity from the outset.

What do you think?

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