Do You Sometimes, Or Always, Make These Seven Conversing Mistakes? Part B

Conversing Mistakes

Conversing Mishap Number Two – The answer you provide to first question asked.

In sales, your client may ask ‘what are you selling’ to then be bombarded with so many words and information that they lose the will to go on and you walk away with no order fulfillment.

As a consultant, the question may be, ‘What can you do for us?’ and 60 minutes later the team of managers you are with is struggling for air because you sucked up all the oxygen in the room but they are none the wiser.
A friend asks, ‘How was Europe?’ and two and a half hours later, after you have shown all the photos and details of the trip, they are in need of an adrenaline shot to stay awake.

Best Outcome – Keep on track, keep brief, keep it simple, converse with the audience you are with; there may be subtle or complete different conversing styles dependent on who you are talking with.

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