Personal Budget/Credit Evaluation Homework




For your peace of mind, this is not an application for credit or a guarantee of a finance offer or anything like that. As an Entrepreneur and new Business Owner, it is important that you know your credit standing and financial position.

One of the key factors in growing your business will be your ability as the owner to meet the demands (and opportunities) that your business may ask of you. You need to see your business as an entity that legally exists outside of you personally, and that can serve your higher goals and objectives if its properly funded, growing and profitable.

Some of the best ideas and best-laid plans in life and business have fallen by the wayside because the business owner could not access funding or raise credit to either start the business, fund its growth or pursue other opportunities.

We want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed in your TOA business and having funding (if required) will allow you to make educated decisions at the time to ensure your business can operate effectively, properly funded.


Go to and request a credit report.

This is a SOFT PULL of your Credit File and will NOT affect your Credit Score!

  • You will need to put in a Credit Card number
  • The CC will be authorised only (not charged)

Review your Credit file information and make yourself aware of any issues
showing up on your report. If you have a credit score of over 650 and NO
known credit issues on your file, like defaults, late payments, bankruptcies
etc you could probably qualify for finance.

If you have issues on your credit file you should take immediate action to
clean up your credit and get into the best financial health possible.

What IF you know you have Credit Issues & Funding might be a problem… how can you raise funds for your Business? – OR you just want to look at ALTERNATE ways to raise Capital by getting resourceful?

What if I need Credit Repair assistance?

If your average score is *less than 650*, these companies can assist to improve your credit score and get you back on track financially:

contact them directly and see how they are able to assist you.

This is something that can’t be ignored. As an entrepreneur business owner, we must be always striving to improve our financial position and managing credit/debt is just part of what it will take to be successful. All business and new ventures require funding either in the form of your own Capital resources or OPM – other people’s money!

Traditional Funding Options by Region

In the UK

UK CHEAP PERSONAL LOANS Credit BUILDER credit cards ( Impact your credit score twice as fast ) – Not for borrowing but for using to move money and boost credit.

In Canada

In Australia

Momentum Education Finance
567B High St Preston 3072
Ph: 03 9478 8700

Contact –  Sej or Neelam
Loan Hotline: 0420 921 768
Start the process here –

New Zealand


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