Simple Steps to follow to create more Time, make more Money and be Location Independent.

Firstly, congratulations on enrolling as a Member of the Online Alliance (TOA).



This is your first step towards building a profitable, online, ‘location independent business’.


As you now know, TOA is an education company and our products and systems are designed to enable you to fully understand how to think like a business owner, and how to market online for quality leads for your business.

Please read the following instructions carefully and take action;

As you go through the Online Profit Blueprint, complete our questionnaires and feedback forms, attend our live calls and liaise with your Coach if you are working with one. Each Step will take you approximately 1 hour to complete properly.  This includes watching videos, reading the text and making notes and getting back to us on your progress.

You will go through one step a day and update us daily on your progress via the Feedback Form and Daily Group Checkin Calls unless specified otherwise. ( We know what we are doing here to create the highest level of duplication so from this point on IT IS NOT A SPRINT… THIS IS A MARATHON that we will be pacing ourselves through the content & coaching process. )

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