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Step 1 – Join the Online Alliance

  • Become a member of the Online Alliance by enrolling in our FREE Membership Program
  • No Credit Card required or Email Opt-In ( it’s completely free at the time of joining ).
  • Enroll through an existing Members Link, if you don’t have one email support for help.
  • Existing members have a unique ID suffix on the end of their link > /?uid=#
  • Click on this Link to go to the Join Us page.
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Step 2 - Personalise your Profile page

  • Follow the instructions to setup your personal/business profile
  • Here is the link to the Welcome Page for New Members/Users
  • Note, you will be re-directed to the Welcome Page when you Enroll as a User.
  • Take your time to carefully complete what information you can.
  • Watch the Setup Video and If in doubt a Coach or Member will help you.
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Step 3 - TOA Affiliate Program is CLOSED at the moment.


NOTE - Our Affiliate Program managed through Click Funnels IS NOT OPEN FOR REGISTRATION AT THE MOMENT

  • TOA means the Online Alliance.
  • Affiliate Marketing is one of the most ( if not the most ) prevalent business/income models on the Internet. It is completely legal and ethical to pay a 3rd person ( the Affiliate - you ) a commission for introducing a Customer.
  • TOA's Affiliate Program is a straight referral program meaning if a Customer buys any of our products by way of introduction from you - YOU get paid. Read our Affiliate Conditions for more information on the split of commissions.
  • You don't have to own the product or use the service to sell it and be paid.
  • Note, the Affiliate Program is managed by ClickFunnels via their software as a service platform called Backpack. ClickFunnels also has an Affiliate Program that you may consider joining later as an income stream.
  • Click Here to Enrol as an Affiliate in TOA and we'll teach you how to promote our mini-courses and VIP Training Academy & Coaching Programs, so you start earning front-end commissions from $3.50 to $55.50 to $500 usd.
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Step 4 - Enrol in the Online Profit Blueprint


Step 5 - Book Your Welcome Call


Step 6a - Discovery Call Questionnaire

  • Take a moment to complete our Discovery Call Questionnaire ( allow 10 minutes )
  • Be honest and accurate with the information you provide, as it will assist our Coaching team to prepare for the initial 1-on-1 Call
  • Remember, when you purchase the $7 Online Profits Blueprint mini-course you'll receive a 1-on-1 Welcome Call from a Coach (OR if you invested $111, with the additional modules called Instant Traffic Blueprint and List Building Intensive, which are optional) you'll receive a live Business Strategy Session ( usually between 30min. to 1hr ).
  • If you desire or require a 1-on-1 Business Planning Call, then you must invest $111 in the full suite of modules, of the Online Profits Blueprint. Think of it like this... If you're not prepared to invest in your own self and business development you can't with clear conscience expect our Coaching capability and experience to get tied up to the detriment of our other members who have.
  • Click on this Link to the Discover Call Questionnaire


Step 6b - Strategy Session Questionnaire

  • Take a moment to complete our Strategy Session Questionnaire ( allow 20 minutes )
  • Be honest and accurate with the information you provide, as it will assist our Coaching team or your sponsoring member to understand more about where you are today in your business and life and more importantly where are you headed ( Goals ).
  • Remember, when you purchase the $111 Online Profits Blueprint mini-course (with the additional modules) you'll receive a 1-on-1 Business Strategy Session, so the Strategy Session Questionnaire will help us craft the ideal plan of action for you.
  • TAKE ACTION NOW and click the link below, get the Questionnaire completed and your one step closer to a 1-on-1 Coaching session. Value this time as is very precious and rare in the Industry.
  • Click on this link to the Strategy Session Questionnaire

Step 7 - Check Your Emails

  • You will receive an email with confirmation of the instructions on this page so keep that safe. Your Coach or sponsoring Member will be in contact with you shortly by email, phone, text or messenger.
  • In the meantime invest some time in thoroughly reviewing all of the pages on the Online Alliance website.
  • Go to the Home Page and follow along from the START HERE button.
  • Support > Go to our Knowledge Base & Ticket System

Step 8 - Become a VIP Academy Member


Normally $1,997 usd, however, to assist many disenfranchised Online Marketers struggling TODAY, to find real community, real training and support, and a real affiliate offer that's legal, compliant and ethical, we have discounted our VIP Academy & Coaching Program (including our *deep dive, STUDY FOCUS GROUPS) to $997 usd.

This will revert to the normal pricing shortly.

You'll soon discover quickly when you work through the Online Profits Blueprint and our LIVE Coaching Calls that being a VIP Academy Member at this discounted price of $997.usd. just makes good business sense.

THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT AS AN AFFILIATE OFFER... contact your Coach for more details.


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Just some of the benefits you'll receive ...

  • Exclusive VIP member-only calls
  • Access to our Focus Study Group initiatives ( on training like Email Marketing, Sales Funnels, Copywriting, Product Development & Crafting Offers, Sales Training ( the art and science of Natural Selling )... the hottest Traffic tactics like Instagram, Facebook, Video Marketing, PPC etc )
  • Access to our Training Academy for personal use only of some Best of Breed product used in the Focus Groups
  • Priority access to our CPA buyer lead program ( when it goes live )
  • Affiliate Offers as described below
    • the Online Profits Blueprint Mini-Course ( 50% commissions )
    • the VIP Academy ( 50% commissions )
    • Business in a Box - tiered product mix ( 20% - 30% Commissions )
  • * Positioned in an HTAM offer to earn commissions of up to $1,000 for FREE
    • * conditions apply
    • * you may pass-up your first sale to qualify, however, you have NO entry cost except the companies registration fee of a few hundred dollars.
  • and much much more
  • Click on this link to the Strategy Session Questionnaire once you have purchased the VIP product.
  • Support > Go to our Knowledge Base & Ticket System

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