Hello and welcome, I’m super excited for you to be here with me in TOA and for the opportunity of playing a part in the development of your online business and most importantly your Life Change moment.

Please don’t proceed with any further of the Content/Business Steps until you have reviewed this entire website, are familiar with the coaching/business system process and have watched ALL of the Video’s on this Welcome Call page here down below.

If we were building a house together, the first thing we would do is plan the construction – (that’s what this website is, the process and plan of action, then we would clear the site (demolition) – so that’s like clearing our old mindset and habits & attitudes – (stripping away old limiting belief thinking and habit that aren’t serving the life we desire) and then we would lay the foundations on which the house will stand.

Your new business YOU Inc. is the house so to speak, so the FOUNDATIONS are the Life Plan, Goals & Objectives, Finance Plan & Resources that we are going to focus on first – this welcome page of information is building the FOUNDATIONS.

WATCH this entire Video and take notes!


The key thing to remember ( 1 x things NOT to DO in the next 2 weeks ) …

  1. For now, ignore all MARKETING emails at this point as they will distract you from your main focus. Archive them away in a folder for later reading.
    WATCH  this entire Video – Focus on Freedom First