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So lets us start out by explaining our philosophy behind supporting our valued Members across multiple High Ticket Affiliate Marketing offers.

Simply put, we believe our Members should freely collaborate as Independent Business Owners (IBO’s) and establish a strong position in the marketplace branded in their own right (not focusing on branding themselves so closely coupled to any one company, product or service (unless they really want to).

This statement above pertains mainly to Online Business owners that are involved in promoting Income Opportunity style businesses (commonly know as Biz Op’s). We are not against Biz Op’s, Direct Sales Programs or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), in-fact we see this as a GOOD fit for many people looking for an Affiliate program to get started marketing and making money Online.

The point we are making is that many of these types or Companies and Programs come and go, NOT stand the test of time and it is not uncommon that their sales conversion numbers start waining at around three years into their lifecycle and many are gone out of the market in under 5 years. This is a general statement and not an inditement of any one style of business or market niche.

It is however not uncommon in the Make Money Niche.

As such this reinforces our belief that anyone looking to start a business online MUST focus on the development of ‘core skills’ and competencies that vest in themselves OR in a network of trusted advisors and outsourced workers that they control the relationship in. Simply put, YOU must have the skills or be able to access them at any time so you can freely market ANY Company, Product or Service that makes economic sense to you.

Today you may want to market Personal Development, tomorrow Financial Education, in years to come it may be Marketing Training and e.Learning opportunities or even better yet – market yourself as an accomplished thought leader, speaker, trainer, coach or innovative product developer. Who knows, maybe you’ll even start your own Online Marketing Affiliate offer.

If you own or control the skills or have access to the talent then you are one step closer to Freedom.

The problem that we see is that everyday people fall in love with the idea of making money online and the promises by their companies made in over-hyped claims, over-priced products, and under-delivered value. This is what you must remember – the Company (your Biz Op) is NOT your company… it’s just a product for you to leverage. YOU are your company and the Alliance wants YOU to stand the test of time and achieve your goals and objectives irrespective of circumstances out of your control.

That is personal sovereignty which we feel should be the goal of every online business owner.

HTAM - Marketplace Overview

Top Tier or High Ticket is an inside Industry terminology that refers to any Product or Program typically over $1,997 usd as an entry-level price point. The multi-tiered product mix, that usually accompanies Biz Op's referred to as Top Tier (or HTAM) usually ascend in value around these price points; $2,497, $4,997, $9,997, $14,997 and upwards of $29,997.

Subject to the Compensation Plan nuances these are typically compounding entry points in an opportunity based Biz Op. So a potential Customer or Distributor could be looking at an initial investment of;

  • tier one, up to $2,500
  • tier two, up to $7,500
  • tier three, up to $17,500
  • tier four, up to $32,500 or above

The allure of a Top Tier program is the Income Earning position that is possible to achieve however only to the extent that you focus on Skills and Core Competency development. Coupled with good work ethic (consistency) and an investment in time, money and effort.

The notion of make money FAST is a fallacy and one of the most over-hyped claims of this industry. It takes time, money, effort, skills, consistency (and a little luck) to make it big online. That said, with the right People, Products and Processes (and as we like to say Mindset, Mechanics, and Money), YOU can make it... and that's where the Alliance comes into the equation.

We are YOUR accountability Partner in this exciting adventure.

By becoming an Online Alliance team Member we work with you through a number of important Coaching processes.

  • An initial Discovery Session
  • then some step-by-step guidance as your completing one of our mini-courses
  • through an online quiz to determine where your business and marketing plan is at
  • then a Strategy Session
  • And eventually, a Business Plan to determine IF a Top Tier program is a right fit for your goals and objectives

This consultative Coaching approach has helped thousands of people over the years to start and grow their online business and it will also allow you to. What should be considered before making any decision regarding an HTAM offer;

  • does it solve a problem you have or create an opportunity
  • are you ready and open to changing your current situation
  • can you see yourself believing in the company, product or service
  • are you prepared to invest time, money and effort to get what you want
  • are you Coachable and Teachable and will you follow Instructions
  • Is it the right Business Model for you
  • Is it the right Income Model for you

Our expert Coaches working with you will be able to hold your hand and help you reach the right decisions for yourself.


As a valued Member of the Online Alliance team site, we want you to have a choice.

Inside our Product Vault, we have all the Qualified High Ticket Affiliate Marketing offers that meet strict criteria. (If you haven't spoken with your Coach we recommend you do that before proceeding further - schedule a Discovery Call above).


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