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Call Types

Mindset, Mechanics and Money Call

This call is one of the most important calls that you can attend on a regular basis. If you've heard of the Pareto Principal it refers to the 80/20 Rule. Consider this, 80% of your success in life and business will come down to 'personal & professional development', the other 20% will be Mechanics - the technical things you learn and deploy.

On this call, you'll develop the thinking to support the behaviour and actions of an efficient, effective and savvy business owner ( we refer to this as the business owner mindset ).


Hosted on Tuesday & Friday - Sydney at 10 am AEST

Hosted in the USA Monday & Thursday at 8 pm Eastern EST



Fast Start Call to Implementation & Action

This recorded call is designed to help you navigate the website & give you an overview on the baby steps to take each day until your confidently up and running with the basic technologies, promoting our Affiliate Offers ( or other people's ), generating your first leads and making your first sales.

We will cover:

  • Basic navigation on setting up your Profile & System Settings
  • Where an how to get your Affiliate Links
  • What is the fastest path to generating a lead and making your first sale
  • How to promote and approach people without being spammy or losing credibility