Founded Global Services Company, with its headquarters in Sydney Australia offering multiple services;
• SAP Platinum Consulting
• Strategic Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) consulting services.
• Train spotter all things trains and rolling stock
• Internet Entrepreneur
• Social Media strategic consulting services.
• Social Media, internet marketing training services.
• Online marketing coaching
• Off-shoring and outsourcing services.
• Travel advisory services and travel blog.
•Mindset retraining break the system of trading your precious time for money.
•Youth education that breaks the patterns of schooling systems that shapes you to be a worker, giving youth a hope for the future and become completely financially independent in a couple of years
• Assist in setting up your own international business that allows you to travel and live anywhere in the world
• Assist South Africans / Zimbabwens who want to emigrate in fact anyone who wants to leave there country for what ever reason set international business work from anywhere
• Facebook advertising

Crypto Currency Bitcoin Etherum Mining
• SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
• We manage your social media accounts and show you how to get results.
• We take care of all the time-consuming tasks that are needed to be truly effective at Social Media.

Mobile No: 0402 277 564
Facebook business page:
Skype No: vanniekerkherman
Web Sites:
Twitter: @SAPhermanvn