Who is Rob Ryan?

Before I tell you anything about me... let me say this to you.

> I`ve found setting up a business to be quite a challenge!  Even though I`d managed complex organisations as a leader in schools for years - but setting up a business has been very hard going.

"I didn`t know what I didn`t know".  So, I`ve spent lots of time and money getting to this point.

Now I`m very prepared to endorse this program, 'The Online Alliance".  TOA is the complete package on how to set up a business - irrespective of what you know, how much you have to spend, or how much time you have. ...  

Drew Innes, the owner and founder, ticks lots of boxes - nice guy, lots of life and business experience and .... well you`ll very likely get on well with Drew.

>> Give TOA a try and see if Drew and The Online Alliance business model is for you! 

>>  Now a bit about me - Rob Ryan - I`m an Aussie, live in South Australia just outside of the capital, Adelaide.  I started as a teacher at 19, couldn`t wait to get started! (that`s a long while ago). I now teach 7 to 13 year olds, part time in the public education system.

I spent many years as a leader/Principal working in communities of disadvantage. In 1995, I left Education, travelled USA, Africa and Europe. Settled in Sydney for a couple of years, now live back in 'beautiful Adelaide'!

I trained as a Life Coach and started a small business, "Yes You Can Coaching". I support people in the small home business sector, coach and help them to explore their strengths and needs - help them discover a way through 'the jungle of "what is business''.

I strongly value the elements of collaboration, coaching, mentoring and having a specific and clear plan of action. These are critical elements towards success and when all in place, will likely achieve great outcomes!

My life has certainly been like living on a roller coaster - not too different from most people? ... Yes!  both business and personal life have had their celebrations... and their challenges!

What are some of my beliefs? ...
> Knowledge ... grab it!  No excuse for ignorance!
> Rights have responsibilities ...
> Be there! Help and Give!
I offer my experiences and skill sets as a way to help and guide others...
-- we all get out of life what we put into it. And I believe we all have a responsibility to help and assist others to reach their unique potential. Service to others by giving back... it`s such a good thing to do!  
I am passionate about contributing to a healthy world environment, a healthy body, mind and spirit and I have a continuing focus on schooling and education; to contribute to improve education, curriculum, pedagogy and to be alert to people who have that spirit of entrepreneurship...  somewhere in their being!
What`s it like for me working in business and in coaching? 
>> Friends, business colleagues and clients typically ask me these questions:-
#1 "What`s your business? How do you help new and would be entrepreneurs?"​
#2 "How`s your business going right now"​? ....
#3 "Are you doing as well as last year"​?In summary --
The big and essential problems; their nitty-gritty issues are about... expense!  advertising!  making money quickly!  getting and keeping clients! --

Options for you.....

Knowledge:  >>>   "the Online Alliance!"

Business Pathway:  >>>   "the Ultimate Tiered Product & Pricing Mix!"

TARGET Marketing on Steroids:  >>> Social Media Mayhem..    "What is Aii?"

Referral Marketing:  >>>  SMS Smart Card

Need Income Fast?:  >>>  Build with RevenueE

Marketing that`s affordable and comprehensive:  >>> see Marketing System Comparison Chart

Blog:  >>>  smallbusinesschronicles.com