Success Attitude

What Is the Small Business “Success Attitude?”

Whom you know or how much you know does not necessarily guarantee success in your business.

Does This Describe Entrepreneurs You Know?

Entrepreneurs have working day-in day-out on their business 24/7. This implies that sales are divided by the number of hours they work, which could be equivalent to half of the minimum wage.

They then began to notice that industries on the other side of the fence had been succeeding. Others can now afford to advertise their products, introduce new and better offers and innovate gimmicks, while you are struggling financially.

These entrepreneurs know the right things to do despite seeing little to no results until now. But they are those entrepreneurs who had already a fixed plan even if results are not as expected. The idea of giving up is just around the corner, but the contrary has been done.

Family and friends began to worry that they are just wasting their money and even their life chasing such dream and that they are not ripe enough to engage in a business.

At the end of the grueling day, entrepreneurs are still at it, finding ways with high hopes of earning more profits.

Somebody Is Making Money at It

According to the online marketing platform, U.S. consumers spend $349 billion annually in e-commerce—and they’re second to China, who spends $562 billion.

In addition, a report from the SEO marketing platform shows that the average salary worldwide for an online marketer is $65,766. In the U.S. and Australia, the average is higher—more than $80,000 a year.

While that’s more money than a lot of people make at their jobs in a year, it’s probably not the kind of figure most people are shooting for when they think of starting an online marketing business.

Granting that it is more money than an average person could earn form their job annually, it is not what people think in starting an online marketing business.

What I am trying to point out is the fact that you can make money at it.

I was one of those entrepreneurs being described in the preceding paragraphs and that was way back the year 2008. The difference is I am not working during evenings and weekends. I was working between 10-12 hours daily doing every possible way to figure out on what should be done.

And even though sales are hard in two years, something just keeps me going, knowing that there are people around making it happen.

I was then working for an online marketing who earns at about $100,000 monthly. That fuels my drive as an entrepreneur, knowing that I can do the same thing too, it would only be a matter of time.

The Success Attitude

The common notion for people in the internet marketing is “I’ll give it six months and see what happens.”

This kind idea is definitely wrong, the responsibility of making the business work lies on the owner and not the other way around of letting the business prove to you that they are really indeed working.

Attitude is the main reason for success, experts in the internet market estimated that more than 90% of internet marketers fail because of varied reasons, but surely attitudes tops that.

The only difference between me and those 90% who failed is the “I will make this work.” attitude.

That is the success attitude.

In the early goings I had to spend $40,000, which is equivalent to almost my entire life savings to develop an online business opportunity on which I had to develop it structure coming from scratch. I have to learn everything starting from building a website, writing a copy, creating a lead capture page up to how email auto-responder works and how to do email marketing and the likes.

Writing a copy is the part where most people bail out, they are intimidated by the computer technology in terms of building web pages and making videos, they tend to get overloaded with the information acquired.

Being in the business is not smooth sailing, I personally took a lot of bumps and wrong turns to totally figure out things. It is time consuming and money consuming as well this is another reason why people are dropping out of the internet market. They are afraid to make mistakes rather than transforming these mistakes into positive things to learn and improve from.

My family and friends began to doubt my decisions and actions, they are starting to believe that I am actually ruining my life. This is another instance wherein people raise the white flag, agreeing with the people who don’t believe in them.

All the negative feedback and comments only added fuel to the fire of desire to create a business that would give me plenty of money, added with the sheer determination of proving these people wrong.

People are thinking that the internet could give them there million in just a matter of weeks, when it does not work out they will just say “it doesn’t work” and simply quit. But what really actually happen is that they haven’t really exerted efforts to make it work. Patience would be another key in this business. In my personal experience it took me almost two years before finally seeing the real fruit of my labor.

I made it work. At some point, I began to make real money: $10,000 a month, $30,000 and more. Now, MOBE has since gone on to make revenues in the eight figures.

I actually did it. I made it work; I am now making real money that ranges from $10,000 a month, to $30,000 a month and increasingly counting. Now, MOBE has since gone on to make revenues in the eight figures.

A quote by Winston Churchill that somebody sent me, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts” this reminds me that I should never be contented and continuously work hard.

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  • This is a very nice article . Transitioning from a full-time job and coming home and spending hours of learning and trying to get the mechanics of how it all works it really hit home that you also need to have an mentor or coach to guide you through your realistic goals . ( write them down ) . I never realised that writing coming down and committing to it and also having an accountability partner was also levering to make these income generating activities real and work . I like the fact that you also have to have a can do success attitude, otherwise you might as well just be comfortable sitting and just living life and before you know it , its too late and you are reaching an age where you are saying I should of bought another house of whatever , I think you get the picture here . ITS NOT TOO LATE IF YOU WANT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    Feel free to connect with me on my FB Fan page and happy to chat

  • In our opinion, success is all the hard work, the slog, the tears, the pain, the joy, the courage, the drive, the determination, the never say never attitude – success is not all the trappings the material things the nice house, car, boat or what have you – to us success is the personal fulfillment and knowing you have done your best. When you achieve that and help others to do the same the other trappings will follow.
    In the Online Alliance at Dave and Cathy Online we aim to serve our community and in doing so we know the whole community will thrive and prosper.

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