Where’s the King of the Ants?



Of course, there isn’t one. Ants organize locally. They develop a culture, and that culture gives them the resilience to make them one of the world’s most numerous creatures. It turns out that culture is the most powerful force available to us. Culture comes from each of us, from the connections between. Culture isn’t created by presidents, Popes or kings.

Hollywood has a culture, not a king. Silicon Valley too. Change the culture (slowly and persistently) and you can change everything. What Drew has set out to do here at TOA is very ambitious, and much more meaningful than you can be expected to grasp at first glance.

Although the Internet seems established it’s still in it’s infancy and has had a massive effect on society already. It’s moved so fast that 90% of the population hasn’t even began to grasp the implications of the technology revolution; we’ve advanced 300 years in the last thirty so it’s no surprise. Information is being published at an astonishing rate which continues to accelerate. For example-we publish more information every 48 hours, than from the dawn of mankind to 2005! (That’s the known statistic.)

As a result of this revolution there are lots of Internet Marketing “ants” that have created a fake culture, that looks shiny and prosperous on the outside but rotten on the inside. Why? Because, anything with such huge potential to generate fortunes, automatically attracts opportunists of the worse kind. The Internet is awash with con-men and scam artists who take advantage of good courageous people looking for a better way of life in the Digital World. As a result, we have to “Drain the Swamp”, as Donald Trump characterizes the equivalent rotten core of Washington.

Greed and power always attracts shallow, unscrupulous, unethical, men and women that can only see as far as a quick buck, rather than the limitless capability we now have to reach people and truly transform lives. This isn’t new, but now, through our connected world, we’re slowly becoming aware of how we’ve been manipulated.  The vast majority of humankind is effectively enslaved, although the illusion is still intact that you’re free. It doesn’t matter if you earn very large salaries, or a humble wage, your life is controlled by money and those that write your pay-check. True freedom is very limited and has been for centuries. Today we have the ability to remove that stranglehold and strike out as independent entrepreneurs to carve our own destiny.

The TOA mantra is “Helping Entrepreneurs- men and women of courage and heart-to build profitable online businesses in the digital economy”. BUT we go a lot further than that- money is simply a commodity we need to remove the chains that bind us. The goal is that each and every Alliance member reaches their full potential as human beings, that’s why we say that “mindset” is 80% of success. We must change the story that’s been instilled in you from childhood.  It’s no one’s fault just the “safe” path that our parents, and theirs before them, believed was the right way.

That world has gone FOREVER. When I take Uber rides every second driver has a degree, and a huge student debt on their shoulders, but can’t use their very expensive education to even earn a decent living, let alone enjoy an abundant life.

Less than 23% of graduates in the US (and elsewhere) find meaningful employment with their degree. It’s time to take control of your own destiny and that time is NOW!!

When Drew invited me to join TOA I was inspired by the real philosophy he lives by, and the true potency of the Alliance. We agreed that we would always put people before  profit, and, as experienced digital marketers, train, support and mentor those that really want what we offer. Not just in the quality of the education we provide, but the vital shift in thinking needed to successfully create an ethical, life-changing culture.

SO– this is the new world you’re entering and contributing to. Pursue your vision with purpose and passion and an abundant life will follow – it’s INEVITABLE. DON’T chase money it’s a dead end- let the $ come to you by caring about the new people you bring in and be scrupulous in your integrity. TOA, in turn will never allow anything into our community that isn’t 100% valid and offers exceptional value to your journey and those you introduce.

This is very  exciting stuff and I truly hope you realise the bullet train on which you’re a privileged passenger?

My thanks to Seth Godin for the inspiration to write this post.

Christopher Kelly

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